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Re: Things I love about Kristen's "Eternal Tide"

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Is the any reason that i can find the word "latrine" from a word jumble of Eternal Tide?
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My spirit guide is a toilet?

If B'Elanna's spirit guide was a toilet, methinks that she wouldn't have been able to kill it so easily.
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OTHER things I liked about ET...

The author knew something about Voyager!

And I'm not just mentioning the throw away sidebar story about Riley's planet.

Or about how enamored Q junior was re: his "Aunt Kathy".

I love how she brought that plot line about Seven dying in Voyager's alternate (Endgame) timeline back and fleshed it out. Explaining WHY it had to be Seven on the mission and the mission's importance (i.e. why Janeway "let" her risk her life) to the universe, even if we didn't exactly find out "what" happened the first time around.

I also liked the juxtaposition of who made the ultimate sacrifice in both timelines. Made me think of "Before & After" vs "Year of Hell".

In B&A it was Janeway and Torres that died and Chakotay and Paris that lived with the loss. In YOH it was Chakotay & Paris that were "lost" and Janeway & Torres who lived with the loss.

In "Endgame" it was Seven who died in the futuristic timeline's mission to save the universe...

...and in "Eternal Tide" it was Janeway's other great love, Chakotay, who died on the mission.

I do wonder if Q Junior and Captain Eden are still "alive/self aware" in that "other" continuum, or if it "ate" their energies as it consumed the two.
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