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Re: I would love to create a new Star Trek Series

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Y'all are super nice.
By TrekBBS standards, we are.

Orci said here that he has not officially pitched a series to CBS - yet.

I have mentioned to CBS the idea of a Star Trek series and they are interested in it, but they would have to coordinate with Paramount and they would have to coordinate with Bad Robot. It is something we we are trying to figure out. If we can figure out a beautiful timing for it, it is something we would all love to do. It is tricky, with multiple chefs in that kitchen. It is something many of us are thinking about and I want to see one too.
The mention of "beautiful timing" makes me think "launching the fall after Abrams' third movie debuts" is what he means. Backing up further, "official pitch to CBS to coincide with news of big box office for Abrams' second movie" is the most beautiful way to kick the process off, and leave plenty of time for developing a series and third movie in parallel.

That is, if they have the bandwidth, with all the other projects to juggle. If not, maybe they announce the series with the third movie debut and launch afterwards. Not as good on the PR front but still viable, assuming all three movies are hits.

But Orci has dibs'ed Trek now. CBS won't kick him aside and go with someone else when someone with maximum credbility like that as alread put a stake in the ground. And he might very well have made his informal not-a-pitch in order to put a stake in the ground, just in case Seth McFarlane or Bryan Fuller started to get big ideas.

And everyone wants to avoid stepping on anyone's toes. The players are CBS, Paramount and Bad Robot. They will figure out the details of a TV series between them and odds are slight that they will let anyone else in the sandbox, since it's a crowded sandbox already. I just hope we don't get Trek-by-Committee out of this.
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