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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

As said:
A version of that 26th century will happen. A pretty close one (for the federation, NOT necessarily for the rest of the galaxy - outside Daniels' jurisdiction), as the scarce on-screen evidence indicates:
Daniels had no problem with Archer destroying the spheres - which he should have, he being into preserving the timeline; except if the change was of little consequence or at least surgically limited - at least for the federation.
Daniels was not in the least affected by the change.

As a general principle, it's constructive to interpret on-screen events in the way in which they have an effect, the alternative being baseless feel-good speculation.

PS - talking about 'zero hour' - Daniels reiterates 'dozens, eventually hundreds of species'. And he was pretty adamant about Archer's specific role in federation history.
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