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Re: Chris Pine: To Shat or Nat? That is the question.

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Urban, on the other hand, is clearly doing an homage to DeForest Kelley's McCoy, right on down to the eyebrow arch. That's fine with me, because the imitation is really good and I have a seriously soft spot in my heart for De Kelley's portrayal. He's still my favorite part of TOS.
Yes, I saw it that way too, and I think that's what the actor said he was doing as a fan of the series. That level of impersonation could have easily not worked, but he did a fine job, right down to the constant, but cute, grumpiness.

I'm sorry, it just makes me think of this:

He's such a grumpy bear, but he really is sweet on the inside. You can just tell.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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