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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Sure, superhuman, even at that, I'm not familiar with her leaping 40 or 60 feet, only about 15 or 20, and that's apparently a strain, from what I remember. So, yea, stronger/faster than mere mortals, but, I'm not familiar with her being Superman strong or Flash fast, which is what I meant to impart when I used the word Supernatural, rather than Superhuman (And yea, maybe, not the best of choice of words)
Then you're clearly not familiar with Wonder Woman at all except from the '70s series. In comics and animation, she's always (except for the "Diana Prince Era" from '68-'73) been portrayed as being on the same power level as characters like Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, etc.
Maybe, but, I don't remember the comics of the early 70s being any different then the show, though that was spotty reading, not religiously reading every issue

Don't really remember her being SuperSuper in Superfriends either, but, it was a long time ago, so maybe I'm remembering wrong
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