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Re: I liked DS9 and the Dominion War, would I like Babylon 5?

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
My answer would be simply: yes.
So would mine.

You want to try something interesting? Try one episode of DS9 and Babylon 5 a day together until they run out.

That's how I saw Babylon 5 for the first time in the summer of 1999, and the results were....interesting to say the least. Particularly if, like me, you were a first time viewer of B5 and had followed DS9 from day one. Of course, this was before DVD's, there were tapes EVERYWHERE.

As far as the rivialry between fans goes, let me only say that while I can see both sides of the argument, it's really a non issue since I got two excellent sci-fi shows to watch out of the deal.
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