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Re: Top Ten Worst Episodes?

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This is all subjective and really "your 10 least favorite episodes." I don't think I really hate any of them. However, some episode are a chore for me to sit through, even if there are things about them individually that I enjoy.

Charlie X: the singing, the painful ass slapping antics and Kirk in tights. They should have smacked Charlie shitless "when I came aboard!"

Miri: No blah blah blah. Kirk creepily comes onto Miri from minute one.

Mudd's Women: the sleazy music, the ass ogling and Roger C. Carmel. No thanks.

I, Mudd: Roger C. Carmel. The over the top humor. The evacuated invisible crew. I am not programmed to respond in that area.

The Apple: Chekov constantly macking on Yeoman Landon, the planet of blonde people who laugh as kissing, the virtual replay of the ending of Who Mourns of Adonias and Mallory, who was trying not to be noticed, screaming his bloody head off before stepping on the exploding rock.

Patterns of Force: "Hitler made the trains run on time, so let's pattern a government after the Nazi's." The most misguided Trek ever.

A Piece of the Action: okay, I do hate one episode and this is it. Only a single funny line in the whole episode (Spock: "I'd advise yez ta keep dialin', Oxmyx"). Anything with Vic Tayback is bound to be obnoxious.

And the Children Shall Lead: the circle jerking kids, the fat phantom, Uhura's mirror at her station and Sulu's fear of Space Knives. What's to like?

Mark of Gideon: WTF? That is all.

The Way to Eden: actually treats young people as badly as Miri. And when did Chekov become such a tight ass? "His name was Adam." Thanks for hammering that home Spock.

Runner up: This Side of Paradise, merely for the painfully bad Jill Ireland. The only thing I ever saw her in that I liked was the Man from Uncle episode where she played a stripper. She had a HELL of a figure.
I love your acerbic treatment of these episodes with unabashed sarcasm.

I don't hate all of these, just a few. Some episodes give you a view of the Enterprise interior or crew juxtapositions that aren't found in other episodes. For instance, the extended view of the updated recreation room in "And The Children Shall Lead" was probably the only redeeming factor of the episode (see a great review of it HERE).

"The Way To Eden" wasn't a bad one for me. While there was such a strange "future hippy" incarnation presented, I liked the overall concept. Plus, seeing Spock jam on the Vulcan lyre was cool. And lastly, we get one last view of the large shuttlecraft mock-up.

You didn't list "Spock's Brain"... if you're going to hate Patterns of Force, then Spock's Brain shouldn't stand a chance.

"Spock's Brain": While it starts out rather well, it quickly becomes a charade. A remote control Spock? No. The medical science depicted does not at all demonstrate they have that kind of technology, to clamp on some kind of device to motor control a humanoid. It was just stupid. But I'll bet Nimoy complained about the possibility of being wheeled around on a gurney and they had to think of something else. The stupidity of the women was insulting to the gender, pure and simple. And the "brain booster" being only temporary? Um... like brain cells will just naturally revert to a different state after being morphed? No, I'm sorry. That's just utter nonsense. And the pain belts were a kind of a pathetic remake of the pain collars from "Gamesters of Triskelion." Quite frankly, they should have just re-used the neck collars, painting them different colors.

"That Which Survives" doesn't get mentioned much, but I definitely feel it is in the bottom 10. While the story idea had some merit, as BoredShipCap'n pointed out the writing was terrible. Also the stupid juxtaposition of bodies to avoid being touched. It was laughable. All she needed to do was lunge at them, because they couldn't harm her! Sheesh. Materialize right behind someone and touch--DONE.

I can't stand how a number of people think "The Empath" was horrible. I thought it was terrific. The story idea was excellent. The aliens were intriguing. The imagery was convincing. It's definitely in my top 20.
Remembering Ensign Mallory.
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