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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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I'll just say I've had my TNG and DS9 season dvds for years, and the video quality has never bothered me. But I have had my tv for years and it didn't cost thousands of dollars to buy.
I couldn't care less about the picture quality in general. But I guess as a lifelong cineast who constantly quests for the rare and unappreciated masterpieces it has a lot do with habits.

Of course, I prefer quality prints on DVD rather than an old VHS tape where the color is out of the place and the sound is distorted. The point is that the discordances between DVD and Bluray is nugatory to me. I think that sometimes some people tend to embellish the superior "experience" of Blu-ray to exorbitances. There are differences, of course, but it's not SOO big as some people seems to make it.

I'm abhorred by comments such as "What? It's not on Bluray? Well I don't want to watch this with crappy picture!" and I can't help comparing it to the classic "What? It's older than 2002? I don't want to watch an old boring movie!"

I have to admit though that my biggest concern regarding the accretive popularity of Blu-ray is a personal one as a lifelong movie buff. If this fixation of Blu-ray also would start to infect the smaller distribution companies, that could distract them from distributing movies who have never been released on DVD (or VHS) before. And they might get too preoccupied with replacing their former releases with higher resolution rather than replacing something much more important, such as dubbing. There are unfortunately a great deal of foreign movies that only exists in dubbing form, which is pretty sad IMO.

I have nothing against Blu-ray really, I just don't want the small difference between Blu-ray and DVD to become a distraction from elements that are actually much more important. That they are so consumed by the superior resolution of Blu-ray that they forget about adding more language options and bonus material.
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