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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

I watched my TNG sets on a Sony 28 inch widescreen CRT, and found the quality to be better than VHS, but not as good as DVDs from film source.

Last year I got a 37 inch HD LCD TV and a Blu-ray home cinema (It cost me under a 1000 for the TV and Blu-ray BTW), and a few months later I started a rewatch of TNG (I'm up to S7 now) and I watched a couple of eps on the HD TV upscaled. I can't watch them that way. The quality is horrendous on a larger screen. I'm still watching them on the CRT, 5.1 audio be damned.

EDIT: I should add that I watch most of my DVDs upscaled onto the HD set now, just to see how many films I'm going to double dip on to upgrade to Blu-ray. It's been 18 months since I went HD, and so far I've only felt the need to upgrade around 20 DVDs to Blu, usually DVDs upscaled are good enough to watch.
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