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Re: Star Trek Conquest (Wii/PS2)

I ranked it good as well. The graphics are good and I think the combat is well done. It's a fun game to occupy your time for an hour or so. To have been a great game, I think that:

1) the boundaries for the systems should be better defined and larger. I'm always hitting the edges with the game stating I will lose the system and/or withdraw in X seconds.

2) the galactic map should be larger.

3) there should be more playable empires/races (including the Borg). Also the Borg should be a lot more powerful. The fact I can take out 3 scouts (Borg spheres) and 3 cruisers (mini-cubes???) with a few Klingon BoPs or Defiant vessels is kind of sad.

4) the game had included more of the system management features from BotF or other 4x games.

5) the game should have more starships playable. I know that there are ships unlocked that can be played in the skirmish games, but in the standard single player game, each race has 3 ship classes to use.

6) the AI should be better. The empires/races should behave like their TV/movie counterparts. The Federation should be peaceful unless provoked, the Romulans sneaky and dangerous, etc... The enemy also shouldn't attack your fleet of dreadnoughts with an advanced starbase complete with defense turrets with 4 BoPs or other scout vessels.

I think I understand what the developers were trying to do. Basically a simple, fun, arcade type shooter that you can beat in an hour or two. I think that had they offered a complex management and strategy style game with a "intelligent AI", and if the player chooses, could be dumb'd down to what Conquest currently is, it would have been a great game.
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