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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

Patrickivan wrote: View Post
I just watched the 10 min clip. I thought that it was well done for the most part. The lighting and effects were nice. I LOVED the refit scenes of the ship.

That said, I was honestly bored out of my mind with the long winded service and speeches. I'm a big fan of an engaging story with good dialogue and do not need constant action and conflict like most ADD people now-a-days, but this clip wasn't very engaging.

Meh- I guess I'm not going to like everything and in the end, but it's still really good series that I'm glad people are taking the time to put together for us! I'm just giving my honest opinion on the clip.

I also really liked that the concept starbase was used. That was super cool. I would like to see the concept Reliant with the nacelles above it's hull too...

And more nudity. Women though- I'm biased on that one.
Yes, the vignette is too long and plodding with nothing but talking heads. It probably shoud have been shorter by half. Even the shot-for-shot re-do of the Enterprise leaving drydock from The Wrath of Khan is just too long.

The shots of the Enterprise leaving the asteroid/drydock is an homage to a drawing done in 1976 by Ralph McQuarrie:

And yes, we need more naked women in our productions. As the Co-Executive Producer, my casting couch is wide open.
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