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Re: The Gimmicky Cameos Are Back! (Minor Spoilers)

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I mean, yeah, he was playing a part, but there might as well have been a giant neon sign above him saying, "HEY, IT'S BILL NIGHY! ISN'T IT COOL WE GOT BILL NIGHY TO BE IN THIS EPISODE? BY THE WAY, DID YOU NOTICE THIS CHARACTER IS PLAYED BY BILL NIGHY?"
Not sure what you're saying here. Sounds like you'e saying no one can give Bill Nighy, an actor, an acting job, without it being seen as a gimmick?
No. I'm saying that that particular role was insubstantive and that the amount of attention the character received in spite of being quite two-dimensional is indicative that the character was designed to show-off a famous actor in the role.
Ah, so famous actors aren't allowed to be offered roles unless it's a role comparable to Shakespearean?

Perhaps he's a fan, and wanted any role just to be part of Doctor Who (Star Trek Movies have several of these cameos, where actors just wanted to be part of it, and weren't worried about the role, IE: CHristian Slater and Winona Rider played Spocks mom in the new movie for about 30 seconds, hardly a deep role).

Perhaps he did it for a Grandchild/neice/nephew.

Maybe he had 10 minutes available in between movie roles and thought it would be fun.....
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