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Incorrect. Calculators produce their results by logical relationships hard wired directly into their circuitry. Basically, it's a series of voltage gates that physically play out the AND/OR/NAND/NOR/etc logical processes. There's nothing "random" about it; it's essential a conversion from one data type (binary/boolean) to a more easily readable one (base ten decimal).

Software-based calculators (javascript, for example) are even simpler, since they can perform logical operations on whole numbers without resorting to boolean relationships (although, deep down, that's what computers are doing when they run a javascript anyway).
I know how computers and bitwise math works, and yet none of that explains where you came up with "2%" or how you didn't fundamentally understand what he was saying.

Yeah, the word random was probably wrong, but I got the feeling he was referring to the more arbitrary process of choosing a method.
I think the way brain cells grow in our brain is much akin to the way branches grow in a tree. You can have two trees for instance which have the same DNA, and are in fact clones. (Cloning plants is relatively easy compared to cloning animals, usually you take a branch and put in water and it grows roots, and that's a clone.) If you have two plants that are the same age and are clones, then each tree grows its branches in different locations, that is a random fractal process, and a similar process is involved in growing brain cells those brain cells determine how we think, that is why I believe a random process is involved in our thinking rather than a procedural process that governs a computer. I'm not saying its entirely random, but our associative memory works that way.
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