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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Roslin could sit in her nice, comfy office and say "it's not an ideal situation" while kids lose their limbs to unsafe machinery. What's a few dead plebes if it keeps the FTLs running?

And you know, if that was the tack Roslin and Adama wanted to take, they could've at least been honest about it. Instead, they tried to equivocate and make it sound like things were equally bad for everyone, which of course couldn't really be true.

Sorry to go on a rant. That specific episode really rubbed me the wrong way, because it brought up very legitimate issues in the context of the series and the writers basically had no idea how to handle them, so they swept the whole thing under the rug. And we're left knowing Adama would happily blow people's brains out to keep his fleet running, making him no better than Cain.
I took it as an example of the flaws that all people have in the nuBSG universe, heroes and protagonists included.

That doesn't mean that I disagree about the writing. Often, it seemed that the writers used ambiguity and murkiness as tropes for creating a realistic atmosphere. But in some, if not many, of those cases I think the writers really failed to think things through, and the it's-ambiguous and it's-murky tropes were just used as cover. Whether that's from laziness, lack of time, or what I can't say, but it shows up as a flaw in the writing, and I think you indicated where one of the important instances was.
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