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Re: Janeway returning to Trek Lit? (Possible Spoilers)

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You don't want him back??
I don't. And why should we want him back? Between nuTrek, new novels set during TOS, and the Shatnerverse, it's like he never really left anyway.

Meanwhile, I am sick and tired of characters coming back from the dead. It undermines verisimilitude.

Well it might be too late for your opinion to be counted. The foreshadowing, it's on the wall.
I think you're reading more into that Delmore Schwartz quote than is there. For one thing, Soren in GEN was quoting Schwartz; The Eternal Tide is not quoting Soren, it is merely also quoting Schwartz.

For another -- why would they foreshadow that in a VOY book, of all things? The VOY novels are off doing their own thing; it's a completely unintuitive place to foreshadow that.

On top of that, it makes no sense to insert an epigraph into a novel that's more relevant to another novels. Epigraphs are there to shed light on the themes of the novel in which they are included, not to tease about other novels. That would be like having an epigraph relevant to Saving Private Ryan inserted into the opening scenes of Titanic; it just doesn't make sense.
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