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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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They weren't crap. TNG dvds were first released in 2002. They were fine for when they first came out, but not now obviously now that televisions have gotten so much better.
They were crap when they first came out. Especially when compared to other things being released on DVD.
Review that says the video was good
A review written in November 2002...

I reviewed the sets back then as well, and you know why fans were raving about the image quality? It's because we were comparing them to the videos that we had just thrown out...

Let me quote what I wrote back then

Season 1

In terms of the DVD, I was not really expecting much improvement in the video quality on the disc compared to VHS if simply because of the lower resolution of the US television system, 525 as opposed to 625 lines in the UK. And as expected, the image is not all that sharp. In common with the X-Files discs the picture has a small degree of granularity, which I assume is due to the differing resolutions, but the picture is still a significant improvement on the VHS. The picture is noticeably sharper and the colours crisper. I noticed the grain in the leather of the chairs that was never apparent before. The effects again are clearer and in a rare few cases, ropier. The film stock has aged though, and a few scratches were apparent. It's hard to remember that 15 years ago, CGI was a glint in a programmer's eye and all the TNG shots were done optically. That meant copious usage of stock footage and low budget effects whenever possible. The kinds of expansive mass starship battles we expect from our sci-fi would be beyond most movie budgets back in 1987, let alone a weekly television show.
Season 3

US television blah blah blah. Lower resolution yadda yadda yadda. Tell me if you've heard this record before. Paramount do a sterling job with the transfer, and it's immediately apparent that Season 3 is a visible improvement over the previous releases. Paramount must have used different source material to master these discs. The image is stronger and the colours are more vibrant. Seasons 1 and 2 look softer and washed out in comparison. Once again the effects are significantly improved over the previous season, with the episodes looking more and more lavish. You can also see a trend beginning to prefer location shooting opposed to sets and matte paintings.

Season 5

The picture is your standard 4:3 regular ratio familiar from countless American television series. The transfer is perfectly adequate, matching the programme as I remember it first broadcast. In other words, low resolution and quite grainy from time to time. American television of the period was hardly pin-sharp, and as the years pass, I begin to wonder what The Next Generation would have looked like were it produced in hi-definition widescreen. I guess we'll never know.
Season 7

Once final time, I can whinge about how horrible US television from a bygone age looks like on DVD. A 4:3 transfer reflects the shows origins with a soft, grainy and low-resolution picture. Of course, if you have seen The Next Generation before, then this will come as no surprise by now. Stylistically, the shows final years saw the use of CGI to an increasing degree, and finally someone decided to have more realistic looking planets as opposed to those balls of pastel from the earlier seasons.
My initial squee at DVD quality, and compressing 13 tapes into 7 discs faded pretty quickly I guess...
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