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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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I've always liked DS9, to me it adds another dimension to the world of ST. But I would say it's not my favourite of the shows, I'm first and formost a TOS fan followed by Voyager.
The funny thing is, I was very excited about Voyager when it first started because I assumed by its nature that it would be a serial. I thought the ship design was very cool. I loved Jerry Goldsmith's theme music! The opening sequence was beautiful. But then, the story didn't go where I thought it would. I was expecting more conflict on the ship. I was expecting a story arc that would, say, leave them stranded on a planet for a few episodes, have the crew split up at some point (Maquis & Starfleet) and then be forced to come together episodes down the road. Anything like that with a little more risk would have been ideal for the show. I stopped watching shortly after 7 of 9 was brought in -- so I do still need to give Voyager another chance through my awesome Netflix subscription. But anyway, I think it's funny because the one thing I wanted in the show I was watching at the time (Voyager) is exactly what was happening in the show I was completely ignoring (DS9).
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