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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

A Voice in the Wilderness Part 1 and 2 (Babylon 5) - These were good episodes. I think at this point in the season I can say that Londo is my favorite character in the series. I always enjoy the scene's hes in. He had some good scenes in this two parter, like revealing that he was studying the hokey pokey for a week to discover its meaning and helping the people get onto the planet. I had guessed Mars would revolt eventually, they've been hinting at it for awhile. Garibaldi's story in these episodes pretty much went as I expected. The woman turns out to be alright, but she's not avaliable anymore. Ivanova's constant comments about how russians deal with things isn't funny like Chekov claiming everything was invented in Russia), and got a bit repetitive recently. I get it, russians are stoic and handle hardship, you don't have to keep reminding everyone Of course, this episode had to have another jerk military officer, just to show that Sinclair, Ivanova and garibaldi are the only three decent officers in the military. I wonder why they both had to go down to explore the planet, atleast when Kirk went into dangerous situations, he brought a science officer, a doctor, and usually security. Still, it was cool to see some off station action. I also guessed that the old friend of the ambassador would take over as guardian, but it didn;t ruin the moment. Overall, this was a good two parter.
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