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Re: Phase II "Going Boldly" (new vignette)

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Well, as part of our show's Writers and Directors Guide, we envisioned that the late Alex Freeman was from a race/planet of clones and "everyone is pretty much the same." The ironic twist is that we would meet Brion Freeman (one of Peter's numerous "brothers") and we would find Brion to be straight. This would cause some awkwardness (and plot conflicts)--not only for Brion but for Peter Kirk as well. (Peter's advances were to be brutally rejected by Brion.)
Please tell me you're joking. I like what I've seen of the series so far, but this would seriously make me never watch it again.

We may yet see this story line. But we're wary of making this "The Peter Kirk Show"
Who suggested making this "The Peter Kirk Show"? I'm new here and I'm honestly not trying to piss anyone off, so I think I'll just hold my tongue, except to say that I think a far better idea would be to have Peter transfer to another ship and write the character out of the show. I'd rather any theoretical gay characters remain completely invisible than to have them portrayed in the way you have in mind.
The Star Trek Phase II Writer's/Directors' Guide is here:

We've toyed with the idea of having Brion undergo "reprogramming" to make him gay. We're not sure what the LGBT community would think of us reprogramming a character's sexual orientation. (Presumably if the LGBT community thinks it's wrong to "fix" a LGBT character to make him straight, they would also have problems with a straight character being "fixed" to mak him gay. But we wanted to stand it on its head to see how it looks.)

Mostly it's all theoretical. With "Kitumba," "The Protracted Man," "Mind-Sifter," and "Bread and Savagery" pretty much in the can in post-production and with "Troublesome Minds" and "The Holiest Thing" in pre-production, and with a release from us about one a year, we probably won't have to worry about any potential Brion Freeman Star Trek Phase II story lines for quite a while.

Love interest deaths/break-ups in Star Trek:

Gary Mitchell/Elizabeth Dehner
Leonard Mcoy/"Nancy Crater"
Janice Rand/Charlie Evans
Mister Spock/Christine Chapel
Angela Martine/Robert Tomlinson
Christine Chapel/Roger Korby
James Kirk/Lenore Karidian
James Kirk/Areel Shaw
Khan Noonia Singh/Marla McGivers
Mister Spock/Leila Kalomi
James Kirk/Edith Keeler
George Samuel Kirk/Aurelan Kirk
Mister Spock/T'Pring
Carolyn Palamas/Apollo
James Kirk/Shayna
James Kirk/Kelinda
Mister Spock/The Romulan Commander
Lawrence Marvick/Miranda Jones
James Kirk/Deela
James Kirk/Elaan, Dohlman of Elaas
James Kirk/Marta the Orion Girl
James Kirk/Odonna
Pavel Chekov/Irina Galliuin
James Kirk/Reena Kapeck
Mister Spock/Droxine
Mister Spock/Zarabeth
James Kirk/Janice Lester

Relationships we really don't know what happened to:

James Kirk/Helen Noel?
Angeline Martine-Teller/Esteban Rodriquez?
Carolyn Palamas/Montgomery Scott?
Pavel Chekov/Martha Landon?
James Kirk/Dr. Janet Wallace?
Leonard McCoy/Natira?
Montgomery Scott/Mira Romaine?
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