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Re: Glenn Corbett - Zefram Cochrane

I always enjoyed these presentation films. For the meager amount of money they had, they were very well done. Notice how they play up Lawrence Montaigne's resemblance to Leonard Nimoy. According to Montaigne, he was specifically asked to emulate the Vulcan, and they even shoehorned in the word "logical" into his dialog.

The characters were clichéd beyond belief (the Irish engineer for example), but Irwin Allen at least was forward thinking enough to have a female head of security. Naming her Choo Choo didn't help, though.

The liberal use of Lost in Space background music was awesome and the final fight scene was incredibly good. Never one to waste decent footage, Irwin recycled the platform's destruction for the opening of the TV movie version. I liked the movie, but the Richard LaSalle score was a pastiche of so many other scores (including his own from Land of the Giants). Stuart Whitman didn't seem comfortable in that tight, white uniform, either.

Man from the 25th Century with Jimmy Darren is also of the same quality. Interesting, but no sale…
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