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Re: Should the remastered episodes be released on DVD?

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If they released them on DVD, they wouldn't sell as many Blu-rays. Simple as that.

By offering the series only on Blu-ray, they've got at least some people going "Well, guess it's time to upgrade!" Those people would be content to just stick with their old DVD players if they offered it on both formats.
See, I disagree completely with this. The industry should not drive change in technology, the consumer should. VHS died a natural death because DVD and PVRs were better. DVD should also be allowed to die of old age, not be taken out back while it's still in its prime and shot, just because there's a young whippersnapper with go faster stripes.

If the demand for TNG-R on DVD is there, then the studios should cater for it. I just wonder if the demand is there.
But that's just it...DVD's haven't been in their "prime" for years now. When TOS-R came out, there was still more DVD overlap because Blu-Rays were much newer on the scene a few years ago. This isn't the case anymore.

As far as demand goes, I'd put good money on it that most fans would MUCH prefer the Blu-Ray. You'd be missing out on the whole point of the remastering project watching in 480i!
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