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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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But it wasn’t silly at all, that is the point. We sacrificed something to gain something better and that was a living breathing Janeway.
That is incorrect. Janeway was not brought back because of the boycott, but because of internal creative decisions.

You may not understand it, but for years Janeway fans were put down, we were told our favorite show was a useless piece of junk and our favorite character was just as useless or detrimental. We were also told this attitude didn’t affect any decision to kill Janeway in the books.
I'm certain that it didn't. Of course there are fans out there who put Voyager down, as there are for any show. And yes, regrettably, there was a faction of fans who were particularly harsh on Janeway because of her sex. As well as a separate group of fans who just didn't think the character was written very well on the show. But there are plenty of different factions within fandom, and no single one of them shapes the policy at Pocket Books. Pocket's goal is to publish fiction that appeals as broadly as possible to the fanbase as a whole. No single work is going to appeal to everyone, but the goal is to produce an eclectic range of materials to satisfy as many people as possible. And no single faction within fandom can unilaterally dictate the decisions made within Pocket. The Janeway-haters within fandom didn't bring about her death any more than the BBJ-ers brought her back to life. Fandom is just too diverse for any one faction's viewpoint to dictate creative decisions.

We didn’t miss anything, I’ve read the books and while I totally agree that Kirsten Beyer is most probably the best Trek Writer currently writing, I can tell you we didn’t miss a thing.
Umm, that doesn't make sense. If you did read the books, then of course you didn't miss them.

The whole point being that “we were silly” or “too stupid to understand how publishing works” or “never read Trek Novels in the first place” was the real silliness of this whole demonstration.
If you choose to interpret explanation and clarification as personal attack, then that's very sad, but it's not the fault of the people trying to explain and clarify the truth.

My excuse to read Trek novels is to follow beloved characters. This involves reading about Kathryn Janeway, if she is missing then the book isn’t that “amazing” or enjoyable. I have already read all three of Beyer’s previous Voyager books but “amazing” is not the adjective I would have used.
But Janeway was anything but "missing" in those books. She was all over them, even without being alive.

But all opinions of the books aside, the boycott attempted to right a wrong. It didn’t matter how great Kirsten Beyer’s books were, what mattered was to gain attention to our cause. What mattered was to get Janeway back and whatever we sacrificed was totally worth the effort.
That would only be true if it happened because of your boycott. It didn't. You're not as large a faction of fandom as you think you are. Janeway is, at best, the third-most popular VGR character overall, after Seven and the Doctor. And from what I gather, Kirsten's novels have all sold pretty well, so the boycott did not make a significant dent in sales.

It's regrettable if certain factions within fandom have made you feel persecuted for liking Janeway. But please understand, that has nothing to do with the creative choices made by Pocket Books. Janeway's death wasn't an attack directed at you. It was about exploring a new story direction. It was probably about making the Borg a genuine threat again by having their attack inflict real consequences. And it was about allowing the characters to deal with those consequences. As always, it's about telling the stories that the authors and editors think are worth telling. Not everyone is going to be happy with those story choices, but that doesn't mean those choices are intended as attacks against anyone.
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