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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Looking forward to watching Team Janeway go back and read the stuff they were boycotting, and seeing them realize how silly it was, and how they were depriving themselves of some pretty amazing reading. And wonderful treatments of the characters they said they loved, but boycotted because they preferred the shoddy treatment that they USED to receive before Kristen stepped in.
But it wasn’t silly at all, that is the point. We sacrificed something to gain something better and that was a living breathing Janeway. You may not understand it, but for years Janeway fans were put down, we were told our favorite show was a useless piece of junk and our favorite character was just as useless or detrimental. We were also told this attitude didn’t affect any decision to kill Janeway in the books.

We didn’t miss anything, I’ve read the books and while I totally agree that Kirsten Beyer is most probably the best Trek Writer currently writing, I can tell you we didn’t miss a thing. The whole point being that “we were silly” or “too stupid to understand how publishing works” or “never read Trek Novels in the first place” was the real silliness of this whole demonstration.

I have yet to find any Trek novel “pretty amazing reading”, I have found many enjoyable but never “amazing”. Even your much praised “Destiny” books have two huge plot holes, one of which involves math.

My excuse to read Trek novels is to follow beloved characters. This involves reading about Kathryn Janeway, if she is missing then the book isn’t that “amazing” or enjoyable. I have already read all three of Beyer’s previous Voyager books but “amazing” is not the adjective I would have used.

But all opinions of the books aside, the boycott attempted to right a wrong. It didn’t matter how great Kirsten Beyer’s books were, what mattered was to gain attention to our cause. What mattered was to get Janeway back and whatever we sacrificed was totally worth the effort.

I am glad you enjoyed the books, but you should understand that not everyone shares that opinion, nor are they silly because they don’t.
I am glad that she is back for you. I, for one, am glad she is back as well.
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