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Re: Valiant Comics 3.0 edition

Released this week:

Harbinger #4 - this issue see the death of Joe, Peter's runaway friend and travel companion prior to being picked up by Harda in the earlier issues. They said he was going to be watched over but Peter quickly deduces they killed him and this causes him to leave with Livewire's help. However, not before Harada introduces him to Faith aka Zephyr and tries to have Peter "turn on" her powers vs using a machine to do so that has mixed results.

X-O Manowar #5 - Great issue here as Aric, now fully aware of his situation, is coming to terms with when he is in time now. This issue is also the first introduction of Ninjak into the Valiant 3.0 universe and it was handled well. Gave just enough but left mystery about him as well.

It was also revealed at Baltimore Comic Con last weekend that the Eternal Warrior's first full blown appearance in V3.0 will be in Archer & Armstrong #5, the start of that books second arc. Which should be a December release.

Shivkala are you at least still getting X-O since you picked up the first two issues? Since you liked Geomancer(at least the first arc back in the day) you might be keen to know that word is out they are going to introduce a new female Geomancer at some point during A&A second arc whose in tow with Eternal Warrior. She is going to be the first focal female hero of V3.0 for them.
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