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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

Maxwell Everret wrote:

I've not heard any problems thus far (now that the 7.1 audio channel mapping has been corrected). I sometimes watch an episode in my kitchen in PCM 2.0 via an HDMI switcher connected to my Blu-ray player in my main viewing room which splits the signal.

In fact, the exact parameters for the downmix are set by the person encoding the audio in the DTS-HD Master Audio Suite software -- so it has been mixed properly for 2.0. The Blu-ray player just blindly follows those parameters. You can read more about it in the manual here:
I've mixed multi-channel audio in the past, and I have not heard of that, and I just looked at that document. No where does it say that in the same stream you can do both a multi- and stereo-channel mix. It does mention sub-channels, but so far those haven't been standardized for Blu-Ray.

But listening to a 2.0 PCM downmix of a multi-channel source on a consumer Blu-Ray or DVD player is just like listening to that source via analog RCA jacks.

You will loose information because the machine will not mix the audio as a human would mix it for true stereo.
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