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Re: POSTHUMAN - T'Baio's Sci-Fi Web Series!

The Streamy Awards, one of the larger web series and web based entertainment awards shows, are now accepting fan submissions/nominations! I'd really appreciate if anyone and everyone out there who's enjoyed the show could help us out with some noms.

Go to and nominate us for "Best Action/Sci-Fi Series" or "Best Drama Series," and especially help me support our cast with a "Best Ensemble Cast" nomination. You just have to enter our Twitter handle, which is @PosthumanSeries.

Thank you ever so much...all noms would be very much appreciated!

On another topic...why do action and sci-fi so often have to be combined like that? Why are they always so intertwined in public opinion? It's as ridiculous to me as the "Best Comedy/Musical" category at the Golden Globes. Sigh...
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