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Re: Things I love about Kristen's "Eternal Tide"

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Aside from the above mentioned, I loved the metaphysics and the cool science stuff in this novel. And the whole cavern with the glowing star map was such a cool image. Wouldn't that be cool if in observatories they had hallways that lit up with constellations?

And yes, Q! And Q, and Q, and...Q! In my mind there can never be enough Q.

I also liked the fact that the child had SUCH an impact on his parents.
That was so moving, seeing how much Q was willing to sacrifice for the sake of his son. To me it was the classic example of how a parent will give everything for their child, and Q's rage afterwards made complete sense because of that fact.

Plus the line "You have made an enemy of me today, Kathryn Janeway" is like literary ice water. Brilliant!
"It's never easy, but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human." - Kathryn Janeway, "Equinox Part 1".
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