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Re: Things I love about Kristen's "Eternal Tide"

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I've noticed it puts the smack-down on anti-Janeway trolls.


Violet.Phoenix wrote: View Post
Aside from the above mentioned, I loved the metaphysics and the cool science stuff in this novel. And the whole cavern with the glowing star map was such a cool image. Wouldn't that be cool if in observatories they had hallways that lit up with constellations?

And yes, Q! And Q, and Q, and...Q! In my mind there can never be enough Q.

I also liked the fact that the child had SUCH an impact on his parents.

LuckyCharms wrote: View Post
I must confess that I read the end of the book first. I just could not help myself. Lots of shippy, squishy goodness.

It was nice that Eden let Chakotay see Kathryn for the first time alone.
She's not Fleet commander for nothing!

I could NOT read the end first. I was so afraid the spoiler in the other thread was a trap, especially when the next line in the photograph of the book mentioned "BOTH" of their deaths.

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I loved that Kes(!) suddenly appeared and helped KJ w/ her "body image" at just the right time. Of course I loved the J/C stuff, and hope they can maintain their relationship. And I love lots that KJ will be an Admiral again (if a little surprised, lol).
I loved the fact that Kes made it home and that Ocampa was a beautiful place again.

More so, I loved seeing Janeway's reaction to Kes & Seven. She had no compunction against wrapping her arms around Kes, but was as reserved with Seven as Seven was with her...

... well

... between those two one doesn't need anything except...

...that smile.

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Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Is the any reason that i can find the word "latrine" from a word jumble of Eternal Tide?
Spirit guides show you what you need to see.
Sounds like "the room of requirement" to me.
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