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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

Pardon me, where exactly does the TM provide an alternate interpretation for NCC-1017???
You seem to have misunderstood. The TM completely dumps the so-called Jeffries rule of starship numbering - that is the "alternate interpretation" I'm referring to. FJ's ship classes don't start out with -01, or even -00 in all cases. Nor is there any suggestion that ships of the same type (say, cruiser) but successive models would have different first two digits. Which always was a pretty weird idea, but I guess science fiction can be weird.

All Franz Joseph did was to ignore the official statements in The Making of Star Trek that refer to "Enterprise Starship Class".
Which is one of the better precedents the Manual set, as it bumped the pompous Paramounters down a peg or two - a position where they rightfully remain even today.

And by that I don't refer to Jeffries, who never pretended his work was in any way "official". He was just paid to imagine fantastic things, and he did. Some of those were keepers, some not. Sadly, not all people are quite at grips with this.

FWIW, that registry was a mistake. The ship's registry was fixed as 71807.
It's a bit difficult to consider the five-digit number as more authoritative than the four-digit-plus-suffix one, as the former is merely tiny numbers on an Okudagram, while the latter is clearly spoken words from the mouth of one of the main heroes...

I do wonder how they'll deal with this when the TNG bluraying project hits the second season!

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