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Re: Why the Xindi never appear in TOS / TNG / DS9 / VOY

I mean at the end of TOS, they'd barely mapped a 1/4 of the alpha quadrant...
Where does this datapoint come from? We get the figures 11% and 19% at the start of TNG, which would be from 1/2 of Alpha (or a comparable volume) to 2/3 of it.

given the Enterprise's top speed back then, they would have mapped a tiny fraction of the alpha quadrant
We know the ship could do at least a couple of thousand lightyears per season, from the sum total of explicit distance references in episodes like "Squire of Gothos". A dozen ships like that would quickly cover much of Alpha, even if only in the sense of making UFP-explored space look like a really tiny hedgehog with really long spikes. The thing is, though, those other cultures would also be exploring, and it would be the sum total of these explorations that would bring together 800 cultures in an eyeblink.

I seriously doubt 800+ individual species existed around their tiny area of exploration...
I rather suspect the number would be much higher, as the current estimates for life-supporting planets are based on the idea that such planets developed naturally. In Trek, cultures would have been terraforming them for millions or billions of years already. And it's rather uncommon to find such a world without a native or visiting humanoid culture to it...

Kzinti. A totally unrelated species created by Larry Niven for his Known Space universe. Not Xindi. At all.
...Although associating the cats with the Xindi culture is just about the only way we could accept "them" as having had four wars with mankind two centuries before TAS. After all, ENT makes it pretty clear that only the Xindi had had anything approaching a "war" with Earth by that time. Unless we assume they were the mercenaries of the Romulans in that war, and recognized as such (so humans would know they don't know what the actual Romulans look like)...

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