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I'm not cherry-picking from what you said. Just pointing out the fact that male characters are not that memorable in these films.
You just did it again! I've said over and over again that the male characters were no more or less memorable to me that the female ones! But you're completely ignoring the part that you don't want to hear and only acknowledging the part that supposedly confirms your preconceptions. That is the very definition of cherry-picking!

Of course, I could just be going senile with old age... lol... but for the life of me I can't remember a single name of any male character in any of those films, beyond Jimmy Olsen.
See, the very way you're defining the issue forces your desired conclusion. The question that matters is, can you remember the names of any of the supporting female characters either? It is absolutely meaningless to say you can't remember the men's names unless you can show that the female characters are more memorable.
I guess the difference here between us is that I do remember most of the female characters names from the super-heroine films, whereas you don't. I have no problem remembering Lucy Lane being Supergirl's roommate, or Selena being the villain in that film, but I could never remember Peter O'Toole's character's name. I definietly cannot remember the boring love interest's name (I think he was the gardener.. lol). Female characters are easier to remember for me, since they tend to be sidekicks of sorts (although usually not the costumed variety). The men tend to be just eye-candy, 2 dimensional bad-guys, or father figures.


In response to the Wonder-Woman animated movie: I own it, and I love it. That is Wonder-Woman done right, and Steve Trevor is portrayed great in that film. I really feel the animated film has something for everyone. Although it wasn't a huge financial success, it didn't loose any money. It would be cool to see a sequel to that one someday.
The gardener doesn't do much, he is basically just bait for supergirl, but to be fair, he's just an ordinary person or a love interest, its hard to be anything else but that in a superhero movie when one doesn't have superpowers. So just being the Devil's advocate, what else can he do besides get rescued by Supergirl?

Lois Lane usually has a nose for trouble and getting herself in situations where she needs to be rescued by Superman, what other role can she possibly play? Well she is an investigator, she investigates bad guys and is usually a better sleuth than Superman, so it stands to reason that Supergirl's boyfriend ought to be some sort of detective, someone who in a nonsuperhero film might actually be the hero. Since supergirl is a teenager, it kind of makes sense that her boyfriend not be much older than she is. I'd say someone who works for the FBI or CIA would make the best choice. FBI would probably be better, and of course this FBI agent frequently gets himself in situations he can't handle and needs rescuing by supergirl, I think that would work the best, what do you think?
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