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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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^Yes, I believe that Gene Roddenberry decided, when writing the TNG bible, that 24th century humans would have advanced beyond personal conflict and strife. Ignoring the creative limits that this would place on storytelling.
A nonsensical notion that a child wouldn't grieve for a parent was brought up too. That really just belittles life and values as a whole in my opinion. That would be a souless enviornment to raise a kid in if they don't even care if their mom dies.
Who said anything about not caring? People were supposed to be more psychologically stable (through their whole upbringing, education and the social environment they live in), meaning that the death of a loved one doesn't mean the end of the world. That has nothing to do with "not caring". Geez.

I'm guessing that in Roddenberry's world there's no depression and suicides either.
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