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Re: Anyone read these fantasy and urban fantasy series?

Haven't read any of those (though I did see the first Percy Jackson movie).

There's a few you've missed by lesser-known authors that are really good:

the Bedlam's Bard series by Mercedes Lackey
the Diana Tregarde series also by Mercedes Lackey
The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane
The Hollows series by Kim Harrison

I would stay away...FAR away from the Anita Blake books by Laurel K Hamilton. Starts off ok, but about 4-5 books in Anita turns into a horribly over-the-top author-insert/Mary Sue character.

If something a little more commercial is your speed, look for the older (pre-Wizards of the Coast) Forgotten Realms novels, esp those done by Ed Greenwood (I'm thinking specifically of the "Spellfire" duology), and Elaine Cunningham (the Harpers series and anything she writes having to do with elves). The early RA Salvatore "Drizzt" books are pretty good too, but he kept that series going too long and it got a bit much in the later books.

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