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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Ambassador - free admission
Lawless - free admission
Punisher: War Zone - DVD
Trouble with the Curve - free screenin'
Deja Vu - DVD
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D - free admission
Compliance - free admission
Red Hook Summer - free admission
The Words - free admission
Bright Lights, Big City - DVD
For a Good Time, Call - free admission
The Cold Light of Day - matinee
Ms. 45 - free admission

I went up to the Ritz for Weird Wednesday after work last night. This week's movie was 1981's Ms. 45. Thana is a mute seamstress in New York City who goes on a killin' spree after she's raped twice in the same day. She targets men usin' the gun the second rapist had when she killed him with an iron.

I'd say the best kill was the one where the guy basically commits suicide after she misfires while sittin' next to him on a park bench.

It wasn't too terrible a movie, to be honest...but there were some pretty bad moments in it, and it doesn't help that every man Thana comes in contact with is an asshole.

Lots of new stuff comin' up this weekend, and I've got a plan to see Ghostbusters in 70mm this Sunday! I've seen it before, but never on a theater screen...
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