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Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Staying in the same job on a starship is like being held back at school.
So Riker voluntarily held himself back for SEVEN grades?

I wonder if Chell got promoted when he took over Neelix's kitchen?
That would surely have been a demotion, since Neelix never had any real rank.

SimpleLogic wrote: View Post
That was the thing about Voyager you'd think promoting Kim would have been good for morale since everyone under him in ops could have earned something too. Even though they were on a small ship and far away from home Janeway could have done it. Maybe she wasn't authorized since they would have been entitled a lot of back-pay.
She demoted and re-promoted Tom Paris, and I seem to recall Tuvok getting a promotion at some point. So it's not that she wasn't authorized. She probably didn't want people to think that the way to a promotion was by being a naive momma's boy. as Harry was.
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