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Re: Safer Nuclear Technology

Personally, I think they ought to dump nuclear waste into lava pools. The material should get very well dispersed so as to significantly lower the radioactive intensity. There's plenty of active volcanos around, too. The only thing is, if you dump in the waste and there's an eruption shortly thereafter, it probably won't be good...

All kidding aside, the technology has come a long way and is really quite safe. The melt downs that have happened are very explainable. The recent one in Japan was obvious, as the generators should have been located further up the hill. They were supposed to relocate it, but the hesitation to make the expense caused them to delay... and look what happened. In my mind, it's a suitable source of energy to get us off of burning coal and oil, at least until passive energy systems (solar, wind, thermal, hydro) make better headway.
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