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Re: Apple vs. Samsung Trial

I find the whole patent administration of this country to be despicable. I mean, the things that you are permitted to patent... so many of them are too "obvious". I really don't think you should be able to patent the shape of a device, unless it is just a very unique shape never made before. A rounded corner rectangle? A grid menu display of icons that appear on a screen? The ability to "swipe" those icons off the screen like a page? I really don't think these characteristics should be patent-able. Now, perhaps the logic routine employed to manage scrolling momentum, with the "elastic" effect... YES, I can see that being patented.

Anyway, I think that if Apple wins the appeal, they'll use this as a platform to stand on and take aim at all the others, like Motorola, HTC, etc. Wasn't there an Apple suit against Android that eventually fizzled out?
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