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Stiles in Balance of Terror

The whole backstory of Stiles' bitterness towards the Romulans (which later transfers to Spock) doesn't really work if the war was supposed to have taken place a century before the episode.

He's clearly nowhere near old enough to have felt any of his family losses personally. It's like a present-day twentysomething hating Germans because he had relatives killed in action in World War I.

If they'd set the war only, say TWENTY years prior (as they later did in "The Wounded"), that might've made it work. Maybe Stiles could've lost a father when he was a teen or a child. That would've made his hatred make sense. As it stands, his bitterness is over the deaths of distant relatives he couldn't possibly have known.

And of course and later shows and films confirmed that humans and Vulcans had been hanging around each other for a couple of centuries, which makes his abrupt suspicion of Spock as some type of Romulan spy that much more ridiculous.
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