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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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Since Republic was an older starship (13th design, Baton Rouge Class as envisioned by Marvel Comics and Rick Sternbach), I assume it's fair to say Joseph got that wrong.
There is no canon evidence that the Republic was an older ship. Just because her registry started with 13 means nothing. The Encyclopedia lists it as Constitution class, so until canon evidence surfaces that it is not, that's what it officially is. And comics aren't canon.

With the USS Constellation of Matt Decker, which seems to be the exception from the rule, I find it amazing that no one ever considered the possibility that it was named and numbered in honor of its predecessor...
Maybe that's because there was no "A" after the registry number?

With Captain Harriman's Excelsior Class Enterprise it's okay...
It's okay because there's a "B" there.

other USS Yamato's appear to have had the name and registry of NCC-1305 (that's okay, too)...
FWIW, that registry was a mistake. The ship's registry was fixed as 71807.

but we can't apply that to the USS Constellation of TOS
See above for the answer to that question.
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