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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Actually they've started doing some pretty good (IMO) scripted shows the last two or three years. I've really enjoyed Breakout Kings, The Glades, and Longmire.
I tried Breakout Kings and a little of Longmire, neither impressed me. Glades looked too derivative to bother with. It's a step in the right direction, though. Anything's better than more reality crap.
Glades is a lot of fun. It is pretty much you're standard cop show premise, but it's got great characters and writing.
Same goes for BK. I'm more than happy to watch a show these kinds of shows as long and I like the characters and the writing, and with both shows those elements are outstanding.
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Shame. I'd heard mixed things about Longmire but was thinking of watching it if/when it ever showed up here. Poor man's Justified, people called it, only this one has Katee Sackhoff.

I'll probably catch the pilot regardless. Can't be worse than Awake, can it?
Longmire is great. Give it a chance. Not "a poor man's Justified". Totally different tone.
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