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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

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The Starfleet database shouldn't depend on a visualization of the Ferengi to ID them. There should be all sorts of ways to tag an alien species - their vocalizations, the pheremones they exude, etc.

And why isn't there a picture of them in the database? Explorers should be scanning everyone and everything they encounter all the time in every possible way, visual light wavelengths being only one of the things they collect. This should be passive as well as active - there shild be cameras and other data collection devices inside and outside the ships and with the away teams at all times.

If the cameras were broken at the time, what's wrong with interviewing the crew and having them work up sketches of the Ferengi, which can then be rendered into realistic 3D graphics? That's technology we have now. The renderings go into the database and facial recognition technology should allow future away teams to instantly recognize the Ferengi as a known species, just by pointing a tricorder at them, which automatically accesses the ship's database.
You're missing the point. You can have a picture of an big eared, snaggle-toothed alien in your database. You can have the name "Ferengi" in your database. But until that name is attributed to that picture you don't have a picture of a Ferengi in the database. Someone has to make that connection. Same with vocalizations, the pheremones they exude and any other attribute. The dots have to be connected.

Facial recognition is useless without name already attached to the face. Again the dots have to be connected, first.
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