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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

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Good gravy, all these posts and no one has yet mentioned Gerald Fried's absolutely essential contribution to "Amok Time." What great work from his pen and from the musicians as well.
Good point. Amok Time's musical score is excellent.
Two of the greatest cues are in this episode, Spock's eerie guitar theme and the often-parodied-on-MST3K fight music. Also love the Vulcan ceremonial cues with the prominent tritones telling us "this is something alien that you won't understand."

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Could get your ass kicked, though. I've occasionally given a firendly "Good morning, girls" at work, only to be roundly rebuked with a cold "We're WOMEN, not girls!" That led me to start saying "Good morning, ladies." Unfortunately I run into someone who doesn't like being called "lady" once in a while. Maybe I'll just smile and nod from now on.
You could try "Mesdames" and see what they do.

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The tradition of the father giving away his daughter at her wedding, has its roots in the fact that daughters in olden day were considered part of their father's property. This is also where you get asking the father for the girl's hand in marriage.

Well, there was also the ancient Jewish tradition that the father of a family was their spiritual guardian and "kinsman redeemer" (go el), so the father giving the bride away symbolized that she was passing from the spiritual and material protection of her father to that of her husband.
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