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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Mind the Baby (Farscape) - The first episode of season 2 is pretty good, but it was a bit weird. Does D'Argo look different? He looks a bit different to me, like they screwed with his look. It's not bad, but its not an improvement, either. Of course, I may just be insane So, Scorpius has something that gets inserted in his head like he's a cyborg or robot. I'm kind of interested, although I'm still not sold on Scorpius being a recurring villain (although he has gotten more interesting than he was originally). I do want to know why he's obsessed with John. Maybe it was because John could resist the chair a bit, but that doesn't seem right. Talon is proving to be nothing but trouble. He attacks Moya, bonds with Crais, honestly I can only think of 2 reasons for trying to get talon back 1) Moya wants to, and 2) to keep him away from the Peacekeepers. If it wasn't for that, I'd say let him go. It may sound harsh, but he only brings trouble, usually in the form of life treatening situations. Also, Zhaan was going weird for awhile, but I'm glad she didn't stay that way too long. John was acting weird, too (I was not a fan of the weird voice he seemed to be doing at times, it reminded me of Christian bale's lame batman voice ). Overall, a good episode, and an interesting start to the season.
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