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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

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Well, it holds up pretty well for me, but opinions will vary on this. I have no difficulty remembering the names of the female characters from films like Batman, Spiderman and Superman. If you can't remember the names of the male characters from the female led movies (beyond characters like Jimmy Olsen who appeared first in male-led superhero films), then I think that does say something.
All it says it that you're cherry-picking my words to fit your preconceptions. Remember, I specifically said that I couldn't remember most of the character names in those films, male or female. I've only seen Elektra maybe 2-3 times, the last time being several years ago, and I've never seen Catwoman all the way through, though I think I've caught most or all of it in the course of two separate viewings on TV. And I haven't seen Supergirl in decades.

So you're absolutely wrong about what my comments show. They only show that I haven't seen the movies in question very often or very recently, and that I have a much worse memory than I wish I did. They absolutely do not show a differential in the memorability of male vs. female characters in those films. I may not remember the names of most of the characters of either sex, but I definitely remember their presence and roles in the story about equally.
I'm not cherry-picking from what you said. Just pointing out the fact that male characters are not that memorable in these films. Of course, I could just be going senile with old age... lol... but for the life of me I can't remember a single name of any male character in any of those films, beyond Jimmy Olsen. I also can't think of any male character that I actually liked in any of the super-heroine films, but that is probably due to forgettable acting. It may sound like a generalization, but male characters tend to not be very well written in these super-heroine films.
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