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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

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I remember the male leads playing pretty significant roles in Elektra and Catwoman. I certainly remember Will Yun Lee and Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as the main antagonists in Elektra, and I remember Benjamin Bratt as the male lead/love interest in Catwoman. I definitely remember Elektra's love interest playing a significant role in the film, though I don't remember the actor's name. I don't remember any of their character names, no, but then, I don't remember most of the female character names from those films either, beyond those of their respective title characters.

Oh, wait, yes, I remember Terence Stamp as Elektra's mentor Stick. Kneel before Stick!

So I don't think the "male/female dynamic" suggestion above holds up.
Well, it holds up pretty well for me, but opinions will vary on this. I have no difficulty remembering the names of the female characters from films like Batman, Spiderman and Superman. If you can't remember the names of the male characters from the female led movies (beyond characters like Jimmy Olsen who appeared first in male-led superhero films), then I think that does say something. I remember that Benjamin Bratt appeared in Catwoman, but I would never be able to remember his name. Stick? I like Terrance, but that is a pretty awful name. I never would have remembered that one, although I vaguely remember the actor being in the film. His performance in that film was no General Zod, to be sure.

Look, I want a great female lead Superhero movie as much as the next person. I'm even producing a "She-Ra" fan film right now. But so far, we haven't seen a successful female superhero movie of a character who originated in comics. Will it happen? Probably. The man to direct Wonder-Woman was Joss Whedon, and the studio blew it on that one by letting him go (I believe he moved on to something called The Avengers). If I had to place bets, I would say the next successful female "superhero" film will be a movie based on Black Widow, even though she doesn't have any super powers.
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