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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

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I know that Peter O'Toole was in Supergirl, which isn't hard to remember at all, since he is a world-famous actor with multiple Oscar nominations. Do I remember the name of his character without cheating? No.

But so what? It's neither here nor there. As I've already said, in movies with so many problems to begin with, what is your basis for picking on this one thing?

Furthermore, by your own admission, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider lacked your special element, yet it was actually a success. You've actually provided evidence against your own claim that this element you're picking on is a determining factor for success.
My own admission? I never said Laura Croft wasn't a super hero

I think Laura Croft fits in comfortably in the "grey area" that Catwoman fits in. Laura is a hero when she wants to be, and often does heroic deeds, even though she also has her own interests at heart.

Laura Croft was a financial success, and although she is a video game character, I would argue that she is a modern day superhero. Same goes with Alice from Resident Evil. Laura Croft has also appeared in plenty of comics over the years. The 2nd Tomb Raider didn't do as well financially, and we never saw a third.
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