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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Some spoilers ahead...

New Avengers 30 is marginally an AvX crossover, but is primarily a focus on Luke Cage and where his head and heart are right now. It provides a good bookend to the Luke/Jessica focused issue that began the NA AvX crossovers, and brings a seeming resolution of Luke's arc/time with the team. Figures that Bendis brought him into the team, and he'd want to bring him out, for no other reason than to keep control of his favorite character moving forward.

Avengers Assemble 7-- This arc is turning out to be a fun cosmic adventure with obvious nods to both the Avengers movie and to the future of Marvel movies. A good primar of the 616 for the stray movie-goer that strayed into a comic store-- as it was intended. New teams, both in and on the book, debut in issue 9 with Carol Danvers and Jessica Drew joining the team. Is this a hint of Marvel movie future, or is this becoming just-another-Avengers-book? I'm still not convinced as to why I should continue reading. What's the book's "hook" beyond issue 8?

Winter Soldier 10-- I grow to really despise Barnes new nemesis, Leo Novokov. Novokov ( a former pupil of Barnes in the Red Room days), utilizing the skills of a Soviet scientist who worked with Natasha before, programmed the captive Widow to believe that her time with the Avengers was all part of a long-term cover. In this state, she attacked and nearly killed Nick Fury, who was saved only by the sacrifice of long-time SHIELD supporting charcter Jasper Sitwell.

At the end, a team gathers to stop Natasha's new course by any means available. All of the team has history with Natasha-- Bucky, Cap, Hawkeye and Wolverine (The latter two were not really surprised at Barnes survival. Clint suspected something at Bucky's wake and Logan thought that the casket smelled liked a LMD) all of whom will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to stop their friend. The worst part for Bucky though, is that Nokov also had all memories of Natasha's time with him removed from her mind. So, even if they manage to save her, what they had together will be forever lost.

Captain America 17-- For an arc that is supposed to wrap-up loose ends, so far "New World Orders" has felt a little discordant. The tension between Steve and Sharon popped up out of nowhere, as well as the "triangle' between them and Rachael. I suppose that I'll have a more complete opinion after next issue's resolution, but so far, this "wrap-up" arc feels a little forced.

Fantastic Four 610-- Part one of the crossover with FF 22 with Bentley confronting his "father", the Wizard. Good stuff. Alas, Hickman's time with the first family of Marvel is drawing to a close.

Journey into Mystery 643-- Lordy, I'm going to miss this book. The notion that the people of Asgardia, in their first free election of leadership, elected Volstagg to lead them into war against Vanaheim was humorous on the surface, but Volstagg quickly shows himself to be a good leader of men who burdens the responsibility.
Volstagg's War Journal--

"I am thinking of food more than ever.

There's not enough food.

The crops burn in Alfheim. Whatever happens, the Ice Elves will starve.

And were I merely a Warrior Three, I'd say something like, 'They're skinny enough anyway. How can you tell they're starving?' and laugh and let Odin and Thor shoulder the responsibility and do whatever they said.

But now, the responsibility is mine"
Loki's "turn to the dark side", as much as I think it's a ruse, was still convincing and more than a little chilling. All of this has come down to the fact that as much as this new incarnation of Loki loves and respects his brother, he can never be Thor and shouldn't try. His subterfuge (if it indeed it turns out to be) seems to fool Surtur, the corrupted incarnation of Leah and even Ikol, the very spirit of Old Loki. In the end, Loki can't use heroics to save the day, he must use what makes him Loki.
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