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Re: Harry the Genius does what noone else ever considers...

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Yeah but at least Federation penal terms are short.

Kassidy got less than a year for smuggling for a terrorist organization

Garak got six months for attempted genocide.

Paris, who was an active terrorist in the Kim Alternate Reality where he managed to keep a girlfriend, was out within a year.

The Federation is just nice.
No comment on Kassidy and Garak (haven't seen the episodes, so can't theorize on justification). But Paris got eighteen months -- presumably for material support for terrorism although he never did get the chance to do anything; he just flew a ship and got caught. We don't hear anything about him firing on a Federation ship or any other act causing injury or damage, and who knows what the circumstances of his arrest were. Did he surrender? Did he do something mitigating, eg to ensure no one was hurt? Frankly, the circumstances of the Maquis rebellion are such that as a lawyer I'd have driven a truck through the idea that he was supporting terrorism (GG and I have had this argument elsewhere ...) so maybe he made a plea bargain, ensuring an easy conviction for the prosecution rather than a potentially huge embarrassment.

Normal eligibility for parole is after half the sentence has been served, which meshes with what Janeway tells Tom when she picks him up in Auckland. He behaves on her mission, he gets his early parole ("outmate") review. Not a stretch.
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