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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

I think that might be so because Jaina has gotten such short shrift. I'm just glad that Fate of the Jedi writers remembered her and gave her more action and at least a big supporting role in taking on Abeloth. I wish that Legacy of the Force had been her coming out party, and even though her battle with Caedus was "the Duel" of that series, it was hampered by Jaina having to rely on Luke's assistance, after being 'taught' by Boba Fett.

I see Jaina as the Mace Windu of the New Jedi Order. I wish that they would let her really cut loose. Granted, Mace got less character development than she did, but at least we got to see some really cool moments, mostly from the Clone Wars microseries to be fair, that established how much of a badass he was.
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