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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

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^Speak for yourself. I don't need a character to be the same gender, race, or whatever as myself in order to identify with them.
I never said that I could not relate to characters like Supergirl or Wonder-Woman. What I was stating is that most men want to see male characters in films that they can also relate too as well. That doesn't mean that men can't relate to the female heroes in the films, and I don't know where you got that from in my post.

I love Supergirl, but if you look at the original film, there was no likeable male characters in the film, save for Peter O'Toole's fatherly figure. Studios make superhero movies to attract a wide audience, so that they can make profit. If you alienate a demographic of people by not featuring them, or having characters they can't relate too, then you loose potential revenue. I wasn't suggesting that males couldn't relate to characters like Supergirl; it was that these films often portray males in a weak/negative light. The fact is, many people do need characters that they can relate too, and that is why female superhero movies tend to not do as well as male superhero films at the box office.

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